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The facility provides assistance and legal advisory, even at internationally level, to private companies.
The type of organization and service, however makes the firm particularly competitive in the solution of business problems. The legal world of today is in continuous and rapid evolution in all areas of application.

Every day, legislative changes into the current regulations comes alive in Italy. Every day, thousands of judges issue rulings and sentences in several different related topics.
Therefore, It is slightly easy to understand how, with such production of rules and case law, nowadays it is absolutely imperative that the lawyer will be specialized in a particular area of law, to be able to follow this "daily" evolution.


However, the high degree of specialization could have a downside in those cases, and they are many, in which a single fact creates a multitude of different legal issues, involving various fields of law.
In terms of business issues, for example, the occupational accident of an employee normally open to the Employer a broad list of processes: in the criminal proceedings for the offense of negligently causing injury, aggravated by the breach of the rules of discipline for the prevention accidents at work. In civil matters, a lawsuit which aim to recover damages suffered by workers, with any related insurance issues, as well as the Labor Law.

In the field of Administrative and Social Security for eventual availed again to the appropriate bodies.
The challenge is therefore to combine the opposite requirements of an 'highly specialized approach to the problem, which must necessary be cross-sector, with in the other side the lawyers and specialist subject but incorporated into a structure capable of ensuring, when necessary, work team "tailored" to the individual case.
All with the assurance of an adequate "responsiveness" to the appropriate legal and productive reality of today.

Franco - Sgrazzutti & Partners Law Firm is a structure that works every day with this philosophy, furthermore with the availability of advanced technological solutions for managing, exchanging and sharing, real-time information and documents.
The most complete and current legal databases available on the market and employees, contractors and professionals carefully selected and fully motivated.

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